Here are a few flat top acoustic guitars I've built over the years. It's always a challenge and fun to do. Any materials, lower bout size, body depth, etc. " From the ground up custom" any way the customer likes. I prefer to do a 1:1 scale drawing for the customer along with a specifications sheet to cover every detail ( that goes for most of my instruments ) ...  One guitar below was actually a  kit that a friend had stored for years and had me build it. The Martin 000. He was thrilled and stated that of the many acoustics he had, this was the best playing and sounding. They opted for very light finish. Mr. Dick Boak of Martin saw the kit build and said it was beautiful.  As for Rusch Acoustics & with everything else and other types of guitars, it is custom taylored to the player - I select the best tonewoods, hardware and electronics.