Effective January 1st 2024 will be the Rusch Custom Guitars “Re-set” date / Relaunch “Official Year 2024”. That is the company re-set day.

 The ordering guideline / rules below are in effect from today – 10 December 2023 – indefinitely into the future.

  Below is the permanent Ordering / Warranty policy. Any former deals this is my “re-set” .

  1. Any previous written orders / spec. sheets / texts / verbal deals or information / FB messenger or US mail since 2002 is null & void and the New effective policy supersedes this in below information.
  2. This sounds rather radical but, there’s never been a real policy and there needs to be hard rules to follow. Not to worry, as nothing really has changed and won’t really affect the existing order at this moment of writing ( 10 December 2023). Rusch Custom Guitars reserves the right to change policy at any time and any existing customers as of 2 December 2023 will have 72 hours to read and agree or opt out of changes – this is regarding future changes. The policy below is effective for all customers since 2002 – until further notice. That’s what a reset is. Certain customers went ahead and assumed things and went ahead and made their opinions pubic and ruined it for the 99% of my great customers. They will dealt with legally, It’s just much easier to email me with a question that to bring undue future stress upon oneself. Ok, without further delay.
  3. With the nature of custom artisan guitar builds, this isn’t fast food and small delays in communication should be expected. Communication / progress photos / exchanges shall be done exclusively through robertmantis@yahoo.com. If there is a benefited emergency, please do call on the phone M-F 9am – 5 pm CST 716-228-2755. I don’t do “tours”. FB communications, texts, long phone calls and voicemails.
  4. We will go back and forth Via email to derive a perfect Specifications sheet & price –
  5. A signed spec. sheet will be sent out Via email and US mail – the whole email thread & conversation is our contract.
  6. Approximately 1 year from order initiation (with standard $3000 deposit) the order will commence to be built – approximately 4-8 weeks build.
  7. All orders will be shipped with Max insurance coverage of $5000 insurance through USPS Priority. 2-3 business days generally In the 48 US States
  8. Upon receiving instrument, you have 24 hours to give a simple emailed written approval.
  9. Lifetime Warranty is still in effect and on a case by case basis, customer pays round trip shipping in any situation – if it is more advantageous to do the work locally that will be discussed and agreed upon. General wear & tear, modifications, etc are not covered and T&M will be billed at normal rates and costs.
  10. There are no “deposit refunds” - you put down $3000 and you get the guitar when it’s built. My business is set up as a G&L (general ledger) and I don’t have 10’s of 1000’s of dollars “sitting there collecting dust” it’s put to use to purchase materials & for the business in general.
  11. No refunds for finished goods. There’s a high demand for my product and resales are often done at a higher rate than the customer has originally paid.   
  12. The idea is to get great world class instruments in players’ hands that’s my passion mission statement and goal for 21 years now.
  13. Every order- Each guitar / Instrument price quoted will have USPS Priority insured shipping / Y- Stereo to 2- mono cable and hard shell case included.

It’s always best to clarify and questions you may have with a quick phone call or email then to assume.  Please do so if anything isn’t addressed above before ordering.